Instagram Profile Picture Downloader

Instagram allows users to post all sorts of interesting content and allows you to zoom in on posts. When it comes to the user’s profile picture, you are not able to zoom in or download it. With Instagram Full-Size Profile Picture Downloader, you can view users Instagram profile pictures in its original quality and save it to your device. The downloader is completely free and only requires you to enter the account’s username for the magic to happen

we have decided to serve you free and fast services and launch Insta DP Viewer which allows you to Instagram dp download directly in your phone gallery. Because we know we all loved memories and want to save them because when we miss our close friends, relatives and Cousins we want to see them. So, here insta dp viewer helps you to save you memories by downloading Instagram profile picture and see when you want to miss them in your phone or you can also download your own old memories which you uploaded in past.

Insta DP Viewer

Insta DP Viewer, why we called Insta DP Viewer. So here, Insta stands for Instagram and DP is stands for Desktop Profile (Profile Photo) and the viewer is knowing to visit the DP of your friend and family. The name of our Tool is not kept by us, it is given by you users, because most of our users search insta DP viewer for Instagram profile download.

Insta DP Download

Everyone think downloading Insta DP is difficult. Ohh! Let forget, It is too old talks when the Instagram Profile Photo Downloading is difficult until we didn’t launch our tool. Our tool is solving you all problem regarding downloading any Instagram DP. Downloading Instagram DP is really simple to work you just copy the profile URL and paste it inside the input box of InstaFinsta and click the search button. We offer you 2 options after pasting the profile Username. First is the View button that helps you to show the Profile Picture in HD without downloading and the Second option is for downloading the profile picture. We provide you both options choose it which is suitable for you.

How to download Instagram profile picture

To download instagram dp using website, you need to follow three short steps. Have a look at them:.

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1. Copy the username of Instagram Proifle

Open the instagram & go to users profile page which one you want to save, copy there username, and go back to our website Downloadgram


2. Paste the URL into the input field

Paste the username of the profile picture you want to download and click on the right side of the button to run the downloading process.


3. Click the download button

To notice that by default the best quality will be selected but if you would like a specific quality or format, there are several options you can choose from Downloadgram

Why Download Instagram Profile Pictures?

One of the main reasons you would want to download a profile picture is if someone is trying to add you on Instagram, yet their profile is private, and you can’t identify the person based on the tiny profile picture. If you’re a single person using Instagram to meet new people, this tool is especially helpful. Before giving a follower the wrong impression by instantly following back, you may want to know what the user looks like. If only you could zoom in on their profile picture to get a closer look.

Frequently Asked Questions

As video downloading is not a built-in option in the Instagram app, many people have lots of questions that are connected to this feature. The first and fundamental question that we get from our users is:

  • Can I download profile pictures from private accounts?

    Most features on our website are only available for public accounts. However, our profile picture downloader allows you to download anyone’s profile picture in full size, even if the account is private! We respect the privacy of all users, and the profile picture is the only photo available to the public.

  • Will users be notified if I Download their Profile Picture?

    Its Easy Our downloader tools are completely secure and anonymous. We understand and respect that your privacy is important, so we built our tools accordingly. We never store any of your private data. You can enjoy using our website with peace of mind.

  • How to view someone's Instagram Stories anonymously:

    copy the username you want see the profile picture then user our insta dp download tools ,put username in search box ,you will see the option of view or download of instagram dp

  • Can I Download Photos & Videos from Any User?

    Yes! But only from public accounts. We respect the user’s privacy/copyright. Downloading private videos through iGram is not available and will not be. But we work on a new browser extension, for desktop browsers, that will help you to download private posts directly from Instagram

  • Can I save Instagram photos with this tool?

    Yes. Here you can download Instagram video ,Photos,Igtv,Reels. We have lots of tools, including a separate one for saving any photo or image content.Downloadgram online Instagram Photo Downloader website is here for saving any photos or images. It works the same as the Instagram Video Download: copy the URL and paste in the Instagram Photo Downloader tool. Best tool ever, just try it out.

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